Multi-Use Chairs

So, What Exactly is Multi-purpose Seating?

It's seating that's versatile in its ability to adapt to many different uses.

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What is Multi-Purpose Seating?

Multi-use chairs are used within a broad range of applications and settings. They are chairs that can accompany you to team area meetings, training areas, cafes, lounge areas, or even at your desk — as they are easy to move around from one space to another and can fill in when larger meeting or events require additional seating.

All of our multi-purpose seating lines are commercially graded, which means only the best materials and construction practices are used. The warranties that come with commercially graded furniture bring peace of mind because they ensure that even within the rigors of a twenty-four/seven working environment, they will hold up or be replaced at no additional charge.

Trader Boys Office Furniture team has excellent rates for installation, relocation and delivery service.