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Humanscale Ergonomic Foot Rest

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The Foot Machine Foot Rest by Humanscale gets your feet moving for better health and comfort. The FM300 offers relief from prolonged sitting during your workday by increasing blood circulation in your lower legs through gentle rocking of the feet. Humanscale’s foot rests have also been proven to reduce the percentage of foot swelling as well. This model comes in one wood finish;Natural Wood Finish. With a platform built from solid hardwood and phenolic side supports incorporate thoughtful design considerations to make them perfect for an ergonomic work place. Ball-bearing rollers encourage rocking motion.
3” height adjustment
Non-skid, inset pads
Rubber feet protect flooring
Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Dimensions: 16” W x 11.875” D x 3.75-6.75″ 

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