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Choose your way to get ACTIV, with multiple styles and options that customize perfectly to every user need. Dual motor ACTIV-Pro is available with 2- or 3-stage legs in T or C foot styles, and ACTIV-Pro3 is your 90/120 degree option with 3 legs and 3 motors. Digital handsets with 4 memory presets are standard, allowing for easy control of its quiet, telescopic legs. Choose from 10 laminate worksurface colors and complete your workstation with our 3F felt privacy screens.

Another cool thing about AMQ Benching system is it has Gyroscope / Anti-Collision Technology. That means built-in gyroscope sensors in their control boxes which can detect angle and speed changes on three axis, triggering the anti-collision safety feature. When activated, bases reverse direction for 2 seconds before stopping.

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