Trader Boys Story

Trader Boys Office Furniture is a family-owned and operated office furniture showroom in West Los Angeles. My father started the company in 1949 by placing an advertisement in the local newspaper that said, “I will buy, sell or trade anything!”

I joined the company in 1975, eventually purchasing it in 1982 when Dad retired.

My three children worked part-time on Saturdays from fourteen years old on until they left for college. After graduation, two of them returned to become the third generation of players anxious to contribute to our family business. 

Kacey and Cameron are excited to take their turn at continuing their grandfather’s legacy. They come to the table with fresh new ideas to surprise and delight.

Last April, just two weeks into his retirement, my husband also enthusiastically agreed to join us. We laugh a lot. The commitment we feel to our family business is in a class of its own.

Our mission? We offer state of the art office furniture and provide it with unsurpassed service. We stay true to our ethical principles, specifically, we ask what would Mr. Rogers do? Then we do that.

We stay current and keep up with industry trends by attending office furniture conventions, visiting manufacturer showrooms, and getting regular updates from our manufacturer reps.

We provide space planning, design services, white-glove delivery, and a happy, knowledgeable staff. Our customers have us every step of the way, from quote to final punch list issue, as we oversee and insure that every project we do is worthy of a word of mouth recommendation. Working alongside our team of designers, project managers, and furniture specialists alike, we are our customers personal, trusted advisers, partners and problem solvers, working hard to ensure our service exceeds expectations.

Family businesses like ours, that stand the test of time, succeed because they remain determined and recognize that change is good. Trader Boys has successfully weathered seven generations. We look forward to many more.

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