The Home Office, Our New Normal.

With Necessity the Mother of Invention, Remote Appears to be the Future of Work.

The pandemic has forced companies to adapt to and embrace remote work—with many big businesses deciding to allow employees to work from home permanently, even after the pandemic.
It took the world’s largest work-from-home transition to prove that remote work can be productive, successful, and collaborative. And, it’s clear that employees value being able to work from home. Some days, however, it’s difficult to find the motivation to focus on work when your office is your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or living room— not to mention sharing those spaces with partners, roommates, and kids working from home. We believe getting to work is easier and more productive if your home office looks stylish and feels organized. Whether your office is an entire room or a corner, ample light, uncluttered surfaces, and comfortable furniture are key. We’ve got the inspiration for you with these home office pieces.
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