6 Workspace Features New and Future Generations Want


The new workforce’s population of Millennial and Gen Xers are not fond of the concept of cubicles and restrictions. Making sure your office space is both functional and comfortable, is critical if you want to attract and retain a productive team. From what furniture they like, to what technology they prefer to use, every little detail counts. Consider these six features that promise to make your work-space more attractive to future generations.

1. Collaborative Spaces

Set aside space or several spaces throughout the office that allow workers to gather in a more informal setting. With the right, comfortable furniture choices, you can create a place where your team can peacefully recharge, get together for small collaborative meetings, or even more casual interactions that are relationship building.

2. Technology

In business today, it is essential to implement a seamless mix of technology; it’s also critical to stay up-to-date on that technology and other new developments. Even though new generations are incredibly tech-savvy, don’t assume they understand how to utilize your software. Make sure they have the proper training on how to use your client invoicing or expense system, for example.

3. Coffee

Coffee keeps everyone in the office happy. You can catch most Millenials and Gen Z at the local Starbucks on any given day. To add a special touch to the office that everyone will appreciate, go ahead and splurge on that fancy coffee machine and some specialty coffee.

4. Noise Control

While an open office design is excellent for productivity and engagement, it can also be incredibly noisy. A space meant for collaboration can quickly lead to too much talking, distractions, and a decrease in overall productivity. One way to keep those not involved in the conversation or meeting from being interrupted is to incorporate products that provide noise control without hindering collaboration.

5. Sustainability

New generations and likely future generations as well want businesses to focus more on people, products and purposes, and less on profits. One way you can show the Millennial, and Gen Z that you value these concepts is to design your work-space to have a low environmental and social impact.

6. Ergonomics

This one is perhaps one of the most overlooked. Yes, the atmosphere is essential and sets the stage for creativity. However, planning for ergonomic considerations boosts productivity, especially if your business involves employees spending considerable amounts of time in front of screens. If you haven’t looked into them yet, consider the advantages of incorporating sit-stand height-adjustable desks.

If your business needs help with space planning and choosing the right furniture for your office space, consider working with the team at Trader Boys. We have years of experience in selling Los Angeles office furniture and creating modern office furniture looks. We can help you create a space that promotes productivity and comfort at the same time.

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