6 Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Work… All Day Long


Whether you work for a company, or freelance, staying focused and motivated while working from home can be a big challenge. Home offices are often the dull and uninspiring neglected corners of a home. They might even drive you out of the room entirely, to the couch, kitchen, or your bed. One way you can spark creativity and inspiration is by transforming your home office space. Here are six ideas that will help you create a space that gets you excited to buckle down and work.


If you’re someone that struggles to concentrate when surrounded by mess and clutter, consider a minimalist office space. Keep it simple. Choose a small home office desk with just a few pieces of office decor. Some people work best with less.

Add Green

Try breathing some life into your space with green plants – you might find you want to stay longer. Create a balanced space by focusing on what is practical, ergonomic, comfortable, and clean. If you’re worried you don’t have a green thumb, opt for low maintenance plants like succulents.

Get Artsy

If art speaks to you, decorate with images you find inspiring and vibrant. Filling your office space with beautiful artwork and décor will energize you and make you feel motivated. Do you enjoy creating art yourself? Include some of your favorite pieces on your walls and desk.

Create a Gallery Wall

Remember, it’s your space to make what you want. So crowd it with what you love most. Try styling a gallery wall against a neutral wall. Include pictures of places you want to go, people, you love, your particular pet, inspirational quotes, etc. Arrange them on the floor first, moving the prints around until you achieve the look you want.

Let the Light in

One of the easiest ways to transform your space involves opening the curtains and cracking the blinds. Let the light into your workspace. Natural light instantly makes space feel more prominent, and you more alive and productive. The best part: it doesn’t cost a thing.

Choose Your Color

When choosing the colors for your home office, make sure you select what speaks to you and makes you feel comfortable. Trendy colors are not what’s important here.

Walls are not the only thing you can paint either. Try adding a coat of paint to shelves, chairs, or even the ceiling. A color-filled environment is inspiring.

Our team here at Trader Boys is the best. We have 70 years of experience in office furniture and can even help you with space planning if you need it. Let us help make your home office a comfortable, vibrant space that motivates you to get the job done.

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