4 Tips on Choosing the Best Desk For You


Plain and Simple, we pretty much understand that choosing the right work tools for any given job makes for a much smoother workday, however, when it comes to choosing the best kind of work desk to purchase, mostly it’s the aesthetics that we rate as the number one consideration. I’m here to tell you, there’s so much more to consider than that. If your desk is not set up to handle your kind of workload, you can soon be left feeling frustrated even by the most mundane, simple tasks. If you’re ready to replace your office desk, consider these tips before deciding what is the best work desk for you.

What Type of Work Do You Do?

Start by identifying how you will be using your desk. Are you purchasing a desk for your home office? Will it be used mostly as a computer work desk? If so, you might prefer to have a workstation desk specifically designed for computer use. For that purpose, Deskmakers’ Teamworx series is a great choice because it offers multiple solutions for bringing power and data to workstations. Their S1 System is a value-priced daisy-chained system that requires pass-through grommets to bring power cabling to the work surface. Their V2 System offers two upward-facing power outlets, two side-facing electrical outlets (below the work surface), and two upward-facing data cut-outs. If your desk is used for a combination of things, you might find that an “L”-shaped desk setup works best. On the other hand, if your desk is mostly generating paperwork, you will want the roomiest space possible to spread out and organize important papers. Take a look at National’s Tessera series. This Mid-Century Modern beauty was named one of Interior Design’s “BEST OF YEAR HONOREES”.

Consider Your Work Habits Style

Ask yourself, what are your workstyle habits? Do you work best in a creative, messy space? Or do you need to be neat and frugal to work efficiently? If you’re the genius-messy type, you might find a sit-stand L shaped desk works best for you. If you prefer neat and tidy, on the other hand, you might like a smaller desk where all of your tools are in easy reach.

Believe it or not, Your Desk Surface is Important Too

While it might not seem important to consider, you should give your desk surface some thought. Laminate is typically the most popular choice. It is not only affordable, but it is also durable and withstands more than wood or veneer. You also have a wide array of colors and wood grain patterns to choose from. If your desk is subject to long-term heavy use, metal or steel might be a better option. Hon’s popular 38000 series offers exceptional durability. Its features include high-pressure laminate tops with waterfall-shaped edges, a sturdy steel body built to best-in-class standards, ball-bearing suspensions, Tru-fit drawer fronts and wire management. No wonder it’s America’s bestselling steel desk. Meanwhile, wood is often the desk surface of choice for those hoping for an elegant finish.

Finally, take a Look at Your Space

Lastly, take a look around at your office space. A bigger desk might make your space feel crowded. Would a small, sleek-looking desk compliment your space more? What do you want your office space to feel like when someone walks in? Do you want your furniture to really make a statement? Or is not practicality the key issue?

If you would like help choosing the right furniture for your workplace needs, while also planning an office space that compliments the look and vision you have for it, consider working with Trader Boys. Our team has years of experience in creating modern office furniture looks, along with creating productive and visionary spaces that promote your best work self.

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