Why Open Plan Office Furniture layouts Work


If designed correctly, an open office furniture layout is a work environment that’s proved to be an asset for most businesses. When properly planned, it positively impacts the operational, financial and cultural aspects of your company. However, if planned poorly, you can expect a decrease in overall productivity and an increase in employee criticism.

If your employees struggle with the open-office floor plan because of noisy neighbors, interruptions, or a lack of privacy, consider fine-tuning your workspace.

The open office furniture environment continues to grow in popularity. Why? Here are just a few reasons businesses are adopting this layout:

  • They are considerably less expensive to set up. In fact, according to JLL, a “tech office” with this layout is about 15% less expensive than the traditional office space.
  • High-growth businesses suffering from lack of space can save time, effort and cost by using an open-office floor plan.
  • Incorporating flexible office furniture allows you to easily adapt to changing workspace needs as your business grows.
  • When pieced together well, open offices also enable a collaborative company culture.

How to Create a Healthier Workspace

Want to increase productivity and help your teams thrive? The team at Trader Boys has 70 years of experience in Los Angeles office furniture and space planning. Here are some strategies they suggest to use when going for an open plan office furniture layout 


You want to create a space that is attractive to employees. Employees care about the workplace design of where they work or are hoping to work. Flexible space can keep employees motivated and engaged. Incorporating standing desks, like Watson’s new stunning C9 series, for example, celebrates a European aesthetic that is purposeful and minimal.


Consider incorporating other flexible pieces of office furniture like rolling and adjustable height conference tables. Not only do they add a modern look to the workplace, but they also easily transition between office spaces. As your company grows, they’ll continue to add value to your company. This is especially important for the rapidly expanding business.


Yes, even in an open workspace, it is still important to consider privacy in your design strategy. You can ease team members’ concerns over interruptions by adding simple things like screen filters and privacy panels. The new “Jot” privacy screen doubles as a marker board for capturing notes, ideas and messages. As you incorporate collaboration spaces, don’t forget to include respites for individual focus work.

If you need help with space planning services for your business, consider working with the experts at Trader Boys. They’re family-owned and operated and have been at the same West Los Angeles address for 70 years. AND, there space planning services are free. They’re the very best in the Los Angeles office furniture community. Let them help you create an open, flexible work environment that even your employees will enjoy and appreciate.

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