Should You Buy New Office Furniture or Move with Your Current Set?

Relocating? Should you buy new Los Angeles office furniture or move with what you currently own? When your business is moving to a new location, say for instance to Los Angeles, you must decide whether it makes more sense to buy new, or transport what you have. Are your file cabinets, chairs, and desks, worth the transport fees? There is a list of factors to consider before deciding which way to go, because what is good for one business may not be right for the other. Furthermore, each option contemplated has a budget tied to it, so these are considerations that must be looked into.

Here’s everything you should consider;

Is Office Furniture worth Shipping?

Are you looking at high-end furniture you recently added to your workplace or old school chairs and desks that you would rather upgrade to something better?

Besides, a new look could be a worthwhile investment even if you are moving for reasons that aren’t related to improving the face of your brand and workplace.

Your workforce could benefit from modern styles that are more comfortable for their backs. Apart from ergonomic furniture and sit-stand solutions, contemporary conference media tables can help improve collaboration in your new workplace.

But these are just ideas for those who’ll need new furniture. If you choose to move your office equipment, how much are you willing to pay for shipping?

The Cost of Shipping

If you must ship, find out how much it will cost to transport it all. Include file cabinets, chairs, training tables, lounge furniture, desks, and all the equipment used in your workplace.

You will have to compare your options. How far are you moving to? Can you rely on your company trucks or will you need to pay a freight service to move the cargo from point A to B?

To avoid damage, go with a shipping company that’s experienced in office furniture moves. We

The Cost of Buying New Furniture

If you decide to purchase new workstations, visit the destination area early to scout out dealers you feel comfortable working with. For instance, if you are moving to L.A., Trader Boys is a great option for office furniture in the Los Angeles area. They have amazing options. Check out their Deskmakers‘ line. Great options and great pricing!

Buying furniture in the same town you are moving to will reduce the cost of shipping the new items. Also, Team NOI in Los Angeles is a great source for office furniture movers.

Compare prices between office furniture dealerships and ask for bigger discounts when buying in bulk.

Which Way to Go?

Whichever option you choose ultimately depends on your unique set of circumstances. If you consider all of the above factors and take your time in weighing your options, the right decision will become clear.

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